Scenario:Leg Stretch

As an action learning coach, how would you handle the following situation:

A member stands during a session.

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    wei xiao


    My reaction to it would be different depending on different situation:
    Situation 1: If the person stand and not well engage into the discussion, I will ask the team:
    – Does every member engage into the discussion?
    – What you have observed?
    – What would be the impact?
    – What we need to do?
    Situation 2. The person stand but full engage into the discussion, and the team member accept his behavior, I will let it go without any interference.
    Situation 3. The person stand and engage into the discussion, and the rest of the team member or most of the team member looks tired. I will ask the team:
    – How did you satisfy on the team progress right now? (if the answer is not satisfied)
    – What’s the impact now to the progress? (if the answer is feeling tired)
    – What’s the impact if we remain in such situation?
    – What we need to do then?
    If the team decide to add an addition short break, or decide to all stand to move away their tiredness, just let me do that. Just remind them the timing requirement of the session.


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    Jonathan Tice


    As an action learning coach I would handle the situation based on the reaction of other group members. If the member decided to stand during the session because they were of low energy or had some sort of physical pain and was not disruptive I would not intervene. If at any point it became disruptive or distracting I would intervene by stating I had observed the member standing and ask the group what impact this behavior has on the work being done by the group.

    It would be up to the group to determine if this behavior was disruptive or a result of low energy or another reason. I would appropriately query the group once they decided what the reason was. For instance, if they decided they were low on energy then I would ask how they could become more energized? Or could the group do to reenergize those who were low on energy.

    In any scenario if the member standing causes an issue with learning or group performance than I must intervene as the action learning coach.


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