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Why Attend a WIAL Conference

WIAL conferences, whether they are local, regional, or global, bring Action Learning to life. Participants share the camaraderie of connecting with old friends while establishing new ones. Speakers range from those focused on the theme to those focused on Action Learning. The one thing they have in common is the intersection between the two.

As an action learning coach, how would you handle the following situation: The participants have asked some really powerful questions and are clearly building on each other’s questions.

UWI Cave Hill Campus Harvard National Model United Nations Contingent

As part of its pro bono efforts, WIAL Caribbean assisted the contingent from the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus that is preparing to be on the team that will represent the university at the Harvard National Model United Nations in 2019. The group is seeking to develop leadership abilities in its members and to become a more effective team. WIAL Caribbean used Action Learning, first introducing the students to the process and then coaching Action Learning sessions with them as they worked on real-life problems they had identified earlier. The participants quickly grasped the essential elements of Action Learning and the problem presenter indicated that the session had shifted her perspectives on the problem and allowed her to see options that she had not previously considered.

Coordinator, Annika Bellot, who is also Vice President of the Students Guild said: “The action learning experience was exceptional! The session involved a hands-on learning approach which was enjoyed by all the team members present. The facilitator, Mr Mourillon proved to be very knowledgeable on the method and guided the participants toward finding their own solution to the problem on the table. Action learning creates a holistic learning experience for all involved by discouraging group think and opening a space where all opinions and contributions are essential to finding a resolution.”

Our Services

WIAL Thailand offers the WIAL-approved standard programs Foundations of Action Learning, Certified Action Learning Coach, Leading with Questions and Building the Learning Organization as public or in-house programs, in Thai or English. In addition, we design customized programs based on Action Learning taking the client’s particular context and needs into account.

WIAL Thailand also offers the support of highly qualified Action Learning coaches for organizations that want to support a particular team over a number of sessions to get in a short time the benefits of Action Learning.