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As an Action Learning Coach how would you handle the following situation: During the last check-in the team agreed that they need to use more open question; yet they continue to ask mostly close questioned. Even with the closed questions, the responses are open. You’ve tried asking “What question are you answering?” they say that one.  You add “What was that question?” They recognize it was a closed question and then give a closed answer. The next closed question the behavior repeats.   
As an Action Learning Coach how would you handle the following situation: You are coaching a team inside a company. The problem presenter is the owner of that company. The problem person is very verbose and rambles on even after he has answered the question. You’ve asked him: “What question are you answering?” several times. He responds ‘that one’ and continues to add additional information.  
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For us in AirAsia, Action Learning has helped introduce the concept of learning and leadership competencies in a manner that is practical and real, with teams working together to solve urgent, complex problems. For the past two years Action Learning has been positioned at the grassroots level, with priority focus on problem-solving and team-building skills.

“Our internal Certified Action Learning coaches are excited to continue and expand Action Learning as the cornerstone of the top leadership development programs for Air Asia, from Kuala Lumpur to Manila to Bangkok and more.”

Faz Kamaruddin
Group Head, Talent
Air Asia